Monday, December 8, 2014

Gentlemen... Ricochet Mini! is OUT NOW

Pay what you want for the PC version right here

or get Mini! on one of these devices! 

Also grab Antoine Vachon's wonderful new sountrack below
Gentlemen... Ricochet! Original Soundtrack by Antoine Vachon

for more information

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We did The Battles of the Studios yesterday during MIGS2014, a 8.5 hours gamejam. We faced the awesome guys from Chainsawesome Games and the oculus rift enabled dudes from Ubisoft Montreal... and WE WON! If you're curious to see what we made, check the link below to see screenshots and download the game. Keep it mind that this wasn't tested at all outside the computers we had at the time.

Bêêêm Desjardins

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gentlemen... Ricochet is out on Android! For FREE!

We finally released our game Gentlemen... Ricochet on Google Play, you can now swing tokens around on your favorite Android device. Oh, and this version is FREE, forever! 

This is the full release, just like on iOS, not a lite version or anything like that. We decided to make it ad-supported on Android, we figured a free app would gather a larger player base.

To celebrate that, the iOS version will also be FREE for the whole week, it will return to 99c after so grab it quick!

Also don't hesitate to contact us if you have problems with the Android version, but could only test it on a handful of devices, so anything could happen. Thank you for your support!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Discovering Smooth Moves

We recently got our hands on Smooth Moves, a really nice 2D animation plugin for Unity. As someone coming from TV oriented tools like Toonboom/Harmony, I was afraid animating for videogames would be a complete mindf*ck that would need me to basically restart learning from scratch. We did try with external tools and sprite sheets, but really this didn't work out too well. How was I supposed to animate à la Rayman Origins with sprite sheets?

Anyway, we've been messing with Smooth Moves for a couple of weeks now, and so far so good. It's a wonderful tool to make cutout animation and the results are great. So far I prefer it to animating in Flash. Here's is one of the early test we made, a couple of weeks ago, showing Standing/Walking/Sneaking (with not so polished animation)

This is just a test and not representative at all of whatever we are really doing now. But Smooth moves is gonna be one of our tool of choice for sure. Gentlemen... Ricochet didn't feature any character animation, the next project should feature a ton. Stay tuned :)

 -Ste, the artist

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting ready to ship

Feels like our final moments crafting the game you'll soon be able to play. You kind of know the end is coming when you're talking about integrating GameCenter challenges and it's button in the game's menu. We want really badly to send the game for submission by the end of the week. That's like... SOON!

So we're obvisouly content complete, 72 levels and about as much the same amount of tokens to collect. As for us, we're making several playthroughs to make sure to catch all the bugs we can. We're also trying to play the game on as many iOs devices we can to make sure it runs well on all of them. We're at least good for iPhone 4, 4th Gen iPods and iPad 2, but we might investiate lower than that.

We're also adding a few goofy stuff to make sure to get a few laughs out of you when you play the game! Let's just say it involves hats.